Douglas Davis

Saturday, October 24. 2009

The UN/ Who Is Goldstone to Judge ?

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#1 Jonathan Bar-Gur on 2009-11-11 07:15
Of course R Goldstone is an opportunist. If he had an ounce of human rights in him he would have refused to serve under the white regime and perhaps leave South Africa. As to his report any experienced army officer immediately would see that the Irish Colonel a member of the Committee does not have a clue in warfare. It is noted that Goldstone and the other three members of his Committee are all members of an Irish Human Rights Institute where it seems its members are the only experts in Human Rights. Israel the Jewish World and especially the Israel Defence Forces do not need Goldstone to teach them anything about Human Rights. In all my Legal Career I failed to read one erudite Judgment that Goldstone ever wrote. Israel and the Jewish World have enough Legal brains and Goldstone is not a high ranking brain amongst them. The Pakistani Lady member of the committee will do better to concentrate on efforts to introduce some Human Rights in Pakistan. One of her credentials is that she introduced a women's court in Pakistan. Israel does not have such a court neither do the UK France USA Germany and many others. Is such a an achievement a reason to become an investigator of Human Rights ? Last but not least unfortunately as an ex officer in the IDF - commander of an Armoured Rec. Unit - I had to endure several wars and other actions. I consider myself as a person with at least the same moral ethics R Goldstone claims to posses. I educated and trained many Israelis. Some of my soldiers in reserve included dentist and lawyers ! In all honesty say that R Goldstone's report brings a smile to my face.

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